The first Parade of 2017

As usual the first parade of the season was "Cormeen Rising Sons of William"
which was held in Armagh on 17th March.

It was a very busy night on the bus. It was great to have our usual visitors and a lot of new people.
It was good to catch up with people having some fun.
There was a great turn out of bands around 30 on a cold damp night.
Thankfully the rain stayed off so all of the bands got around the route dry.

A big thank you is due to Nigel, Sammy and Lorna at all the staff of the Euro Coach for all the hard work they have done to make sure the bus was ready for tonight.
Also to James Johnston and his grandmother for all the buns they made for the parade.
And Joanne Burnside for all the goodies she brought for the bus all.
Also a big thank you to Cormeen Band for the warm welcome we got, this year the street collection was for the Air Ambulance. Thank you to all who gave donations on the bus tonight.

Apologies to all the bands for not having many pictures but we were so busy on the bus
we had not time to nip of the bus and take them!