Local bands and Zacchaeus Outreach Project
provide teddy bears to children in Brazil.

26 local bands have been busy colleting teddy bears for children in Brazil and making a fund raising CD.
After all the hard work, a celebration night was held on Wed 15th July 2015 in Tullanisken Parish Hall, Newmills when
we were privileged  to have a visitor from Brazil - Dona Sonya -  who has worked with children in Brazil for over 30 years. 
A number of bands in the area made a CD to help her work and also to bring her to N. Ireland for a much needed rest.

At the celebration evening, Ivan Walker (a member of the Confederation of Ulster Bands) together with Olivia Bradley and Raymond Love
handed over bears on behalf of the bands. 
Those who attended the evening were treated to black beans and rice and other Brazilian food, prepared by Dona Sonya.
Also a member of Greystone Silver band talked about his experiences with a previous team who had gone to Brazil and
worked there with the South American Mission Society in partnership with the Zacchaeus Project.

Plans are being made for members of bands to make a trip to Brazil in 2016 and we hope to continue to collect bears and badges to take out then.
The idea of providing teddies to the children of Brazil, all started when Mrs Larmour the mother of a member of Derryloran Boyne Defenders
came to the Zacchaeus Outreach with black blacks full of teddy bears !

Ivan Walker & Dona Sonya

Gareth Richardson, Louise & Olivia Bradley & Dona Sonya

Mrs Larmour & representatives of The Zacchaeus Project & local bands

Raymond Love & Dona Sonya

Olivia Bradley giving Dona Sonya copies of a CD made by local bands