Sons of William Cookstown 
2nd July 2022

Parade no 2 for Marian. It was a hectic start to the night with people on the bus before we had got set up, but then things slowed down on the tea front but we gave away a lot of books etc and had a lot of great chats. We had a band member come on and tell us his fantastic testimony of how he knew he believed in God but was happy with that and then one day he felt that he must go to church. At first, he though it was to visit his mother gave but it wasn’t he went to the service in the church and ended up accepting Jesus as his Saviour. He said he just wanted to come and encourage us and tell us he would be praying for us. At the end of the evening Marian was making plans for her return visit. Thanks to Rodney Hutchinson butchers and Jim Donaghy for all their help and parking in front of their shop.