Visit to St Matthew's Richhill
& Dungannon Disabled Christian Fellowship
September 2018


It was lovely to be invited to speak at the Monday Club in St. Matthews Richhill.
I had a fantastic welcome and the scones were amongst some of the best I have eaten.
I spoke at the meeting about the work of the Zacchaeus Outreach project.
People hadn't realised just how much goes on in the band community.
It was lovely hearing peoples stories of their memories of either them or their relatives in band.
The session ended with a question and answer time, followed by everyone present saying the grace.

On Saturday I was invited to speak at Dungannon branch of Disabled Christian Fellowship.
Again I was treated to a lovely tea and I spoke about Church Army and the Zacchaeus Outreach Project.
It was lovely seeing people had met in other places. Thanks to Mrs Anna Shaw for the invitation.