Pride of the Birches
June 2018



20th June 2018 saw the bus in "The Birches" for Pride of the Birches parade.
It was a very cold night and there were 22 bands in attendance.
The evening started when I spent some time with the lady who allows the bus to park at her entrance.
She is always so welcoming and kind, offering the use for her facilities. We owe her a big thank you for her kindness. Thanks to James for all his help setting up and putting away the stuff on the bus.
The conversations on the bus centred around the teddies and the upcoming trip to Brazil
and of course the Christmas Tree Exhibition.
The only down side was that Valerie was eating a toffee and managed to pull out her crown,
it wasn't as bad as it seemed it wasn't broken.
And the night ended with a visit from the boys from Ballymacall. Always good to chat with them.

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