Northern Ireland
Centenary Parade
May 28th 2022

The 28th May saw the centenary parade in Belfast when bands and members of the Orange Order made their way to Stormont to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Northern Ireland.
The parade began with a service of thanksgiving at Stormont and then everyone paraded to city hall.

We made our way to Belfast to get parked along the route.
Out spot was sorted out by Robert Peeples. We had over 40 dozen bottles of water for the bands to be given out.

We started the morning with a big fry in a local café, it was a good meal.
There was only 2 of us handing out water, a big thank you to Robert Peeples.
Valerie had worked in the greater Shankill for 8 years so it was lovely to meet a lot of those people again.

Thanks to Tom Scott who acted as photographer for the day.

Handing out the water was an honour. Every single person who received a bottle of water was very thankful. Even since the parade bands are still coming up and say how grateful they were to receive the water. It gives us an opportunity to tell people a bit of scripture “Blessed is the person who give a cup of water in my name” says the Lord. I was greatly blessed that day. There was only one slight hiccup. Valerie was reaching for a bottle of water and forgot that she had moved the bags of water, she tripped over them and fell, fortunately the bags of water broke her fall, she is happy to say only one bottle of water was injured in the incident. The weather was great, the company was great and the bands were fantastic. A great day was had by all.