Montober Band Parade 2016

Wednesday 24th August saw Montober Flute Band Cookstown hold it annual Band parade. Montober is a town land about 5 miles outside Cookstown It was a lovely evening which saw around bands parade Cookstown.

The parade started at the Moneymore Road corner and went to the KFC and back a stroll of between 4 - 5 miles depending on whose measure of a mile you use.

I am sorry for only having a few pictures but I was on the bus on my own so jumping between the two worked ok. Cookstown is one of the trickier places to get parked as it is so busy, but thanks to Jim Donaghy who allows me to park outside his shop. Rodney Hutchinson Butchers. A big thank you to Tony and Chris two of the butchers, Tony who reversed the bus in for me and Chris for the banter. These guys make sure no one parks there unto the bus arrives. A big thank you.

The bus was fairly busy with our regulars and some new faces. Sorry to Montober but when you were parading I was busy on the bus and didn't get a chance to get a photo.

For photos click here