Message from Valerie Thom

Derryloran - 23rd June
Thanks to Gemma Boyd from Drumnaglough Flute Band for helping me pack away at Derrylorans parade tonight. 
It was a quiet night on the bus .   It good that some of the band members feel at home.
Philip from Montober helping himself.  Philip is an old friend, he used to be in my youth fellowship group.
 Its great catching up with friends. 

Pride of the Birches - 22nd June 2016
It is with regret that I was unable to attend the Pride of the Birches Parade with the bus. 
Unfortunately I was at the funeral of the most Godly inspirational woman in my life.  Her name is Laura McLarnon.
She turned 100 years old on the 29th February 2016 and  I was so honoured when she told her family she wanted me to take part in her funeral service.  The last time I saw her she said she really wanted to go home to be with her Lord and Saviour and she didn't know why she was still her.  I asked her what did she do most, to which she answered pray for you.  To which I replied that is the reason you are still here.  She prayed for the Zacchaeus Project and me all the time.  She will be badly missed and our sympathy goes to her family, Russell, Nelson, Aileen ad Edna.


Portadown True Blues - 18th June
Again sorry for not being at your parade.  But thank you for starting off our collection
of Bears again for the children of Brazil.