Marching Stars
Cheque Presentations
9th February 2022

The cheque presentations to the charities supported by the Marching Stars
took place in The Courthouse Restaurant in Markethill.

The amount raised at the Marching Stars Exhibition was £1500.

The evening began with Valerie welcoming everyone and opening with prayer. Valerie then invited Elaine Woods from Roberta’s rosettes who donated rosettes for the Marching Stars exhibition to make the cheque presentation to Anne Demick from IA, a support group for those who have Stoma Bags please check out their web site.
Anne thanked everyone who help raise the money and gave a short talk about the work of the group and said the money will be spent in Northern Ireland.

Valerie then invited Hans Johnston a member of the Zacchaeus Outreach Project management Committee to make a presentation to Rev. Stephen McElhinney on behalf of the South American Mission Society.
Stephen thanked all those involved and gave a short talk on the work of the society.

William Bradshaw from Armagh Bands Forum presented a cheque to James Speers who accepted it on behalf of the Northern Ireland Air Ambulance. James thanked everyone involved and gave an update
on the work of the NI Air Ambulance.

The evening was attended by the volunteers who had helped over the weekend of the Marching Stars Exhibition Joanne Burnside, Mina McCall, James Johnston unable to attend the event were the Rev. William Anderson and Gemma Boyd. The evening ended with supper.