Valerie's visits - March 2020

Monday 9th March and Valerie was invited to speak
at 1st Keady PW Group. She spoke on the work
of the Zacchaeus Outreach Project.
The women were very interested with what she was saying
and at the end of the evening there was a lovely supper.
It was really great to share about the work of the project and
all that the marching bands do for the project and for the community
and above all how God is at work.
A big thanks to Hans Johnston for the great directions of how to get there.


Wednesday 11th March saw Valerie in Mossley at the Church of Ireland Womans Guild,
she was accompanied by Andrew Chadwick who is Dean of Community for Church Army.
Valerie again gave a talk about the work of the Zacchaeus project and the marching band community.
The talk was received really well, with around 20 story books being taken.
Valerie and Andrew received a great welcome from the Rector - Revd. Peter Jones and all the ladies.
Everyone loved to hear about the work of the bands and Valerie challenged them on how they view the
marching band community. Again people said they didn't realise just how much the marching bands
community do for charities. It was a lovely evening which again ended with supper.