Last Saturday in August 2017 - Aughnacloy

The Zacchaeus Bus were invited to Aughnacloy by Revd. Glenn West, Rector of Carnteel & Crilly Parish churches.

Due to the weather the venue had to be moved to a different field. Thank you to one of the parishioners from Glenn's Church, who had a parking space reserved for us when the bus arrived in Aughanacloy. Thanks also to Ian Morrow a visitor from Wales, Revd Glenn and Glasgow Thom we got the gazabo's set up. And thanks to Leslie Anderson for helping us to take them down and to Michelle Thom for helping pack up the bus.

The bus was quiet today but we had some good conversations, and has a lot of time to take photos.
We were able to give water to the bands, it was remarked how mannerly they all were.

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