Valerie's visits in January 2019


Valerie had the pleasure of speaking at the Tanahill Seniors group.
Valerie spoke of the work of the work of the Zacchaeus Project and the work in Brazil.
The group was ended with a lovely tea being served.



Valerie received a invitation to speak of the work of the Zacchaeus project, at the Heartford Club, Armagh.
There were around 40 at the meeting.
After Valerie had talked about the project all present were treated to a lovely supper.



Valerie received an invitation to speak at Woodschapel Mothers' Union.
Valerie spoke of her work with the marching Bands community,
of the joint project they do and the happenings on the bus.
Her talk ended with a question and answer time followed by supper.
A lovely evening of fellowship was had.