Dergina Band Parade
2nd June 2018



Sat 2nd June saw the bus in Ballygawley at Dergina Accordion Bands parade.
It was a lovely evening when we arrived, but as the bands lined up to parade,
the heavens opened and the bands were soaked.
Sorry no photographs as I was there by myself.
Thanks to Joanne Burnside for all her help on the bus also the members of Ballymacall Flute band
who helped me put away tables etc. at the end of the evening.

If you would like to see some footage of the bands please visit marching band videos on youtube or facebook.

Teddy Bears.
In July a second batch of teddy bears will be on their way to a poor community in Brazil accompanied by Valerie. Thanks to the South American Missionary Society for making the trip possible.
Valerie will be staying with Gaynor's mother during the visit which is also to make preparations
to take a team of bands people out next year.
If any band would like to donate a badge and teddy please contact Valerie as soon as possible.