Ballyrea Band Parade
1st July 2017

Ballyrea Parade took place on the 1st July was attended by 30+ bands and the bus was very busy.

Weather wise it was a beautiful evening. A big thank you is due to all who helped. Firstly a big thank you to Karen Morrison, who volunteered to be our photographer for the evening. I was on the bus on my own and then Andrea McCullough arrived to help with her sons Ben and Robert.

It was a wonderful to be visited by people who are in bands but not on parade as well as those on parade. Loads of good chats and laughter were had all evening. We met very young children who were on their first parade in a band and paid their first visit to the bus. There were quite a few Bibles and books taken which we leave out for people. We pray that God will bless those who took them for themselves or other people.

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