Ballymacall Band Parade 2nd August 2017

It was a day that wasn't the best with heavy down pours of rain. But thankfully it had dried up from around 4 o'clock.

Thanks you to Gortmerron Spar for allowing us to park the bus in their car park for the parade.

The first visitor to the bus was Sam and his two dogs Angel and Ghost. Two of the best behaved dogs ever.

Thanks to Deborah Watt for taking the photographs for the evening. We had lots of new visitors to the bus, and thanks to all the bands who have said they will help us with the information we need for the exhibition. At one point in the night the back door of the bus got a knock, when it was opened a man was standing there and gave a donation and said keep up the good work. It is so humbling when something like that happens. When the parade was over as usual the boys from Ballymacall came to the bus and helped get all packed away. It was a good night but unfortunately just as the parade finished the heavens opened and there was terrible rain.

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