Ardarragh Parade
9th April 2022

April saw us in Rathfriland for Ardarragh parade. It was a chilly night but the atmosphere was very warm. The band were celebrating their 40th Anniversary year. There was a good turn out of bands. We were also blessed with a lot of help. Thanks to James and Mina for the beautiful cupcakes. We even had a visit from Isaac Hanna from Church Army, also Dessie and Pamela Fisher from Adventure Leadership Training who partners with us in July with teams from the U S A.

There were a lot of people enquiring about what the project was, and surprised to hear it was Church of Ireland. There were a few moments that stand out. Firstly, having the privilege of praying with someone. One of the young bass drummers from Pride of the Hill, came to us at the end of the evening and we were just chatting, he said good night and left only to return a few moments later, someone had taken a bible and accidently dropped it, he picked it up and brought it back to the bus as he didn’t want it lying on the street.

During the evening I was on the bus and someone said Valerie you are wanted, I went to the front of the bus, to see someone who doesn’t come on the bus, they said to me It is lovely to see you back on the road and gave me a donation.

Thanks also to other who helped on the evening.