12th July 2022

We were delighted to receive an invitation to Castlecaulfield for the 12th July. Dessie and Pamela from Adventure Leadership Training had arranged for a team from Kentucky to come and help in the field. The was a team of 6. The team took part in the service in Crossdernott Church on the 10th July and on the 11th, they help clean, prep for the work they were doing on the 12th, and help pack all the extras that were needed unto the bus. Thanks to Nigel Sinnamon from Eurocoach took the bus to the field on the 11th night. The team arrived in the field around 9 am and got set up. It wasn’t long before they had the first children looking their face painted, so thanks to Sarah, Rebekah, Chicky and Rachel while Noah was entertaining with the children with this tech equipment. Micah was busy drawing people. We kept Dessie busy being photographer while Pamela helped on the bus. We had lots of visitors on the bus and a lot of interesting questions were asked. Again, we got thanked for the water we gave out in Belfast. The team left on the 13th morning but they plan to bring at least one team back next year. This is Micah and Sarah 2nd visit to work at the 12th it was a delight and honour having them. Thank you to Pamela for cooking for us all.